Automatic Face Mask Production Line

Aimix fully automatic face mask production line adopts advanced design. It only needs to put the production raw materials on the feeding rack. After the modulation is completed, the machine can automatically produce. Only 1-2 people can complete the production. Moreover, the automatic mask production line adopts ultrasonic welding method, which has beautiful appearance, health and environmental protection.

Aimix mask making machine for sale

Our automatic mask production line can change the mold according to customer needs to achieve the production of various types of masks, such as 2-layer non-woven mask, 3-layer non-woven mask, four-layer activated carbon mask, flat ear mask with outer ear, flat ear mask with inner ear, flat face mask with strap, etc. Support the production of 2-5 layers of non-woven mask sheets.

Aimix mask making machine for sale

Aimix mask making machine for sale

Technical Parameters:

Model AIM-mask-1
Capacity 100-120pcs/ minute
Voltage 220V/60hz
Machine size L6400*W3200*H1680mm
Mask size 17.5*9.5cm
Power 11KW
Weight 1700Kg
Model AIM-mask-2
Capacity 60-80pcs/minute
Voltage 220V/60hz
Machine size L5800*W2500*H1680mm
Mask size 17.5*9.5cm
Power 11KW
Weight 1300Kg

Aimix Mask Machine Advantages:

1. High stability and low failure rate. The whole machine adopts aluminum alloy structure, which is beautiful and firm, and does not rust.
2. Computer PLC programming control, servo drive, high degree of automation, high output, good stability and low failure rate.
3. Photoelectric (optical fiber) test materials to avoid errors and reduce waste.
4. Can produce 1 to 4 layers of masks.
5. The machine has the function of total counting and batch counting, and the number of batch counting can be set by itself.
6. Replacing the mold can produce different sizes and different types of masks.

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