COVID-19 Vaccine



COVID-19 Coronavirus Vaccine

  After long-term research and development and clinical trials, China has successfully developed a vaccine that effectively treats the new coronavirus infectious disease.

  Now the new vaccine has completed the third phase of clinical trials and approved for marketing;

  Due to the excessive global demand for vaccines, please contact us and make a order in advance.

  Minimum order quantity: 100000 doses

Vaccine is Coming Soon

Based on the current understanding of the COVID-19, many domestic experts and scholars also believe that if the first half of the “blocking war” of this epidemic is mainly based on prevention and treatment, then the second half will mainly rely on the advent of vaccines. Only by successfully developing safe, effective, and sufficient vaccines and supplying and using them as quickly as possible is the fundamental strategy for mankind to ultimately defeat the new epidemic.


Points You Need to Know

1.Why is a coronavirus vaccine important?
The virus spreads easily, and the majority of the world’s population is still vulnerable to it. A vaccine would provide some protection by training people’s immune systems to fight the virus so they should not become sick.

2.When will we have a coronavirus vaccine?
Before the end of this year.

3.Is there a limit to the quantity?
If a vaccine is developed, then there will be a limited supply, at least initially, so it will be important to make a order in advance.

4.The Environment Where the Vaccine is Kept?
Vaccines need to be stored in a low temperature or refrigerated environment, high temperature may affect the efficacy of the vaccine.

More Safe & Prudent

In truth, China has been at or near the front of the Covid-19 vaccine race from the off. While there are types of the western covid have all won plaudits for their use of the state, experts are starting to believe that China’s strategy of focusing on “old school”inactivated vaccine technologies may eventully prove to be more safe and prudent.

All We have done is basically disable the virus at the same time as maintaining its antigen properties. It is the traditional method. So it should normally provide good defence and pose less potential for reactions compared to the others.


We Will Always Be Together

Until now, UAE, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Brazil are ready to order vaccines from China, there are more and more countries contact us and want to gain priority access to any future vaccine. I believe that through the joint efforts of people all over the world, we can definitely defeat the epidemic, and look forward to the moment when we take off the masks and smile loudly.

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    Covid-19 vaccines Transport Car

    If you need to buy vaccines in large quantities and there is no special container for storing vaccines, in order to ensure that the efficiency of the vaccine is not affected, we recommend that you order a vaccine transport car.