Nonwoven Fabric
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Material: nonwoven fabric, meltblown nonwoven fabric
Weight: 9-250g/m2
Width: 2-20-40-1.6-1.8-2.4-3.2m ( can be split in various size)
Color: White, Blue, etc. Any as request
Feature: Waterproof, breathable, eco-friendly, anti-bacteria
Sample: Free to provide if you need

Applications of Nonwoven Fabric
nonwoven fabric can be used for face mask, medical gown, protective coverall,shopping bag,shoes accessories etc.


Disposable Nonwoven Fabric for Face Mask

Types of raw materials we can provide:
SS nonwoven fabric, SMS meltblown nonwoven fabric
Weight: 25gr, 30gr, 40gr, 50gr, etc
Width: 17.5cm / 18cm / 19.5cm, etc
Color: white, blue, green, pink


NonWoven Fabric for Surgical Gown/Medical Protective Clothing

Types of raw materials we can provide:
SS nonwoven fabric, SMS meltblown nonwoven fabric
Weight: 25gr, 30gr, 40gr, 50gr, etc
Width: 1.535m / 1.55m / 1.605m / 1.63m etc
Color: white, blue


NonWoven Fabric for Bed Sheet

Raw material we provide: PP non woven fabric
Weight: 10gr to 70gr
Product size: 1.2mx 2.2m, or customized
Color: white, blue, green, pink


NonWoven Fabric for Shoe Cover

Material: PP non woven fabric
Weight: 30gr
Product size: 36.5cm x 40cm
Color: white, blue, green, pink


NonWoven Fabric for Bags

Material: PP non woven fabric
Weight: 10gr to 70gr
Width: Customized according to your need.
Color: white, blue, green, pink, yellow, red, black, etc

End-products Produced by Nonwoven Fabrics
The following list is the specific end products produced by nonwoven fabrics.

nonwoven fabric for Personal Care and Hygiene

NonWoven Fabric for Personal Care & Hygiene
1. Baby diapers
2. Sanitary napkins
3. Products for adult incontinence
4. Dry and wet napkins
5. Cosmetic wipes
6. Breath-ading nose strips
7. Disposable underwear


NonWoven Fabric for Clothing & bag
1. Clothing and shoe bag
2. Interlinings
3. High visibility clothing
4. One-way work clothing
5. Insulating materials for protective wear
6. Outfits for fire protection
7. Outfits for chemical and biological protection


NonWoven Fabric for Medical Use
1. Caps, gown,
2. Face mask
3. Protective suits
4. Sponges, bandages and tampons
5. Pollution-controlled gowns
6. Gowns for medical examininations
7. Fastening tapes

We help make products that touch every part of our lives – medical use, personal care & hygiene, clothing & bag, If you want to produce any of these products, please contact us for free product samples and product suggestions to meet your needs.

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