Raw Materials


Face masks are usually made of one or more layers of nonwovens fabric, meltblown fabric, ear-loop, nose loops, etc. Aimix, we are a professional and leading supplier for providing face mask raw materials all around the world, high quality, reasonable price. We can cater to different needs and budget requirements, You will find satisfactory products here that you are looking for!


Nonwoven Fabric

Raw Material: PP
Nonwoven Technology: spunbond, meltblown
Layer: spunbond +meltblown+ spunbond
Gram: 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 gsm
Color: White, Blue, etc.
Specification: 17.5cm
Sample: Can be provided


BFE95/BFE99 Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric

Product Model: BFE95/BFE99 Meltblown Fabric
BFE : >95%, Or BFE : >99%
Gram: 25, 30, 35, 50gsm (MAX 200gsm)
Composition: Polypropylene Fiber
Mechanical Width Specifications: ≤3200m
Color: White
Filtration Resistance Pa: 30P
Produce Ability: 5000 tons/year


Nose Wire/Nose Bridge

Product name:Nose strip, bridge of nose, and nose line
Roll Weight: 7-18kg
Specifications: 0.5mm iron wire, nose bridge 3mm, thickness 1mm
Color:White, can be customized
Use:Mainly used for medical masks, disposable masks, etc.



Shape: Round, flat
Material: Nylon spandex
Flat ear loop: 2.55mm
Round ear loop: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm
Use: Medical disposable face mask, surgical face mask, KN95 face mask, BFE95 face masks, BFE 99 face masks.

Raw Material Input

Mask Types The Material Quantity Need for 1 Million Face Production:
Foldable N95 Face Masks · Surface blue nonwoven fabric (25g) – 1000 kg
· 95 Meltblown fabric (25-50g) – 1000 Kg
· Thermal bonding nonwoven fabric (25-50g) – 1000 kg
· Bottom spunbond nonwoven fabric (25g) – 1000 kg
· Plastic nose clip /5mm double core) – 600kg
· Flat earloop elastic rope (5mm) – 800 kg
3 Ply Disposable Face Masks · Blue Spunbond nonwowen fabric (25gsm) – 1000 kg
· 95 melt blown fabric (25gsm) – 1000 kg
· White skin-friendly nonwoven fabric (25gsm) – 1000 kg
· Nose clip – 400 kg
· Earloop elastic rope – 500 kg
Cup Style Face Masks · White spunbond non-wowen fabric (25gsm) – 1000 kg
· 95 melt blown fabric (25-50 gsm) – 1000 kg
· Actived carbón (25-35 gsm) – 1000 kg
· Needle-punched cotton – 1000 kg
· White skin-friendly spunbond nonwowen fabric (25 gsm) – 1000 kg
· Flat earloop elastic (5mm widht) – 800 kg
· Flat nose clip (5mm widht) – 1000 kg

1. The above raw materials are available as one package;
2. Color customization for nonwoven fabric  is available;
3. Each material we can provide now, support bulk order.

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